The xinjiang customer’s production line for oil fracturing sand has been successfully installed

The oil fracturing sand production line of xinjiang customer has been successfully installed. The oil fracturing sand production line is Weifang Guote Mine Equipment Co., LTD

A special quartz sand production line is specially designed and developed for the production of fracturing sand. The production line embodies the wisdom of all staff of Guote equipment.

This production line is designed and developed by the r&d technical department, tested by the experimental department, produced by the production department and installed by the after-sales department.

The single machine supporting equipment of oil fracturing sand production line is also the best-selling product of national special equipment.

As a stand-alone product, it is also very popular and can be used for customers.

In recent years, sales of guote’s oil frac sand production line have surged to the top of the list,

The emergence of the quartz sand production line as the king of sales, this indicates the oil fracturing sand fire.

The oil fracturing sand production line of Guote equipment is developed for the spherical sand used in the oil fracturing sand.

It has the advantages of large output, high efficiency, stable operation and product size circle.

The technological process of the production line is as follows: raw ore – pre-screened screening – scrubbing – desliming – magnetic separation – blocked settlement – dewatering screen

– Dryers — A series of screening processes for the production of oil frac sand.Welcome more customers to inquire about the state special equipment fracturing sand production line!

Post time: Sep-25-2020