The dewatering sieve and desliming bucket of shaanxi customer have been shipped

 A few days ago, the dewatering sieve and desilting bucket of the Customer in Shaanxi have been shipped. This time, the customer has purchased two high-frequency vibrating dewatering sieve and two desilting buckets.

The high frequency vibration dewatering screen and desilt bucket are the products that 90% of the customers will choose. They are two popular classic products sold by national special equipment.

High-frequency vibration dewatering sieve and desilting bucket are also the production lines of glass sand wet process for special equipment.

Necessary equipment for wet production lines such as washing sand production line and fracturing sand production line,

Mainly used for desliming classification and dehydration stage, it is the product developed and designed by The national special equipment.


The high frequency vibration dewatering screen and desliming bucket equipment are among the top selling products of national special equipment. The annual output of national special equipment is about 100 sets.

It is the best-selling product in the national special equipment.High frequency vibrating dewatering screen is mainly used for dewatering quartz sand in wet process.

It can also be used for tailings dehydration in ore dressing industry, slime dehydration in coal preparation plant, washed quartz sand dehydration and ceramic mud dehydration.

The equipment has large output, clean dehydration, and is a relatively easy to use dehydration screen.The desilting bucket is mainly used for some ores containing mud which affects the next separation operation.

Because the cone volume is large, there is also ore storage in the production process.Welcome to the need of customers to inquire about special equipment!


Post time: Sep-16-2020