The customer from Gansu has shipped the quartz sand scrubbing machine and desilt bucket

A few days ago, the customer in Gansu has shipped the quartz sand scrubbing machine and desilting bucket.

The quartz sand scrubbing machine and desliming bucket are the hot-selling products of Weifang Guote mine Equipment Co., LTD., which are mainly used in the scrubbing and desliming process of quartz sand.

The quartz sand scrubbing machine is mainly used for the removal and scrubbing of quartz sand surface attachments and thin film iron.

The tank is equipped with a wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant impeller and a lining. Under the strong stirring action of the impeller, the slurry produces violent turbulence.

The ore particles have great kinetic energy in them and create intense friction and collisions with each other to scrub the minerals clean.


The desilt bucket is mainly used in the desilt stage of fracturing sand production line and glass sand wet process production line. It is a popular product in the sales of National special equipment.

At the same time, it is also a device with more supporting products.The desilting bucket is a simple equipment for classification, desilting and concentration.

The desilting bucket has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture and no power consumption.It is mainly used for some ore containing mud which affects the next separation operation.

Due to the large volume of cone and the role of ore storage in the production process, its cost performance is very high.

It is a good and durable desliming equipment. If you are interested, please contact Us


Post time: Oct-12-2020