18 set of scrubbing machines have been shipped to Korea

Thanks for the trust of Korean customers.the customer have ordered 18 set scrubbing machines for the cleaning of quartz sand. It is used to remove slime dispersing and mineral impurities on the surface.
Outstanding advantages
1.The strong of the scrubbing force, the unique slot structure and impeller configuration are increased by 30% compared with the traditional scrubbing machine of the same model.
2.It has abrasion resistance and tank lining. The impeller is wear-resistant, and has high anticorrosive and wear resistance.
Introduction of working principle
The ore pulp is entered into the Cylinder of the scrubbing machine through the feeding pipe.Under the agitation of the impeller,The slurry produced a violent turbulent flow.Ore particles have huge momentum in them,and It comes into strenuous frictioning and knocked against one another.The impurities wrapped on the surface of the mineral particles are small strength.After friction and impact, it is easy to peel off the mineral surface.The agglutinate of the mineral surface after water soaked, Through the strong friction and collision of ore particles, it will loose and break up, so as to achieve the separation of clay and mineral particles.These impurities and clay are broken down and spalling into the ore pulp. After desliming, the ore pulp is separated.In the actual production, we need to add different agents according to the actual situation of mineral.




Post time: Dec-17-2020